Stop Making Bad Decisions: Heal Your Decision Making Anxiety & Learn How to Make Good Decisions

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It is my hope that this book will empower you with all the tools that you need, to 'Stop Making Bad Decisions' in your life. I first got the idea for writing a book on Decision Making when I received a tremendous response to the articles I was writing on LinkedIn. People could really relate to the observations that I was posting about Decision Making Anxiety. I started receiving hundreds of messages from individuals who were amazed at how perfectly I was describing their predicament. Encouraged by this response, slowly I started writing about other important areas related to decision making and got the idea of making the information comprehensive and cohesive, in the form of an e-book.

This book contains chapters on Decision Making Anxiety, Thought Level Approaches for dealing with it, the Role of Balance in Decision Making, identifying Fears, naming Needs, putting Priorities in order and not forgetting the importance of Joys. There are exercises included within the book as well, that you can do along with reading the book. These exercises will bring you a lot of clarity and will help hone your decision making skills. I hope this book has a transformative impact on your decision making process! Enjoy the reading journey ahead.